Steering Committee Charter


Michigan Multipayer Initiatives’ (MMI) mission is to convene payers in aligning policies and requirements that support improved population health, care value, affordability, health equity, and patient experience. 

MMI brings together stakeholders to develop, implement, evaluate, and spread effective models that deliver, pay for, and sustain high quality, comprehensive, accountable primary care.

The MMI Steering Committee is described in this charter.  The committee will serve as the program’s main advisory group, providing stakeholder perspectives on key issues.  The committee will also use data, expert knowledge, feedback, and evidence in the literature to shape recommendations for Michigan Payer leadership consideration. 

The Michigan Payers will share in the standard operating costs of MMI.   Budgets are reviewed and approved each September for the following year.  Standard operating costs do not include the cost of special projects or multipayer data aggregation which are approved as separate proposals for payer consideration. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Provide input on participating practice, PO, provider, payer and other stakeholder experiences on primary care
  2. Propose recommendations and advise on operational and strategic direction
  3. Serve as advocates and champions for constructive primary care policy within members’ organizations and the community at large.
  4. Cooperate in completing the shared vision and goals
  5. Monitor progress toward the goals and objectives and timetables


Convening a representative advisory Steering Committee for the MMI program in Michigan reinforces the importance of collaboration between payers, physician organizations, purchasers, and subject matter experts.  Members are selected to provide a variety of practice sizes, organizational types, geographic areas, and subject expert types.  A special focus will be on representation of practicing physicians.  Members serve for one year, with automatic annual term renewal, unless otherwise communicated.  

The MMI Steering Committee is advisory to The Michigan Payer Leadership Council who are the final arbiters of decisions and policies.    The Steering Committee will be composed of:

  • Two (2) Michigan Payer leader representatives from each sponsoring Payer.   Additional Payer representatives may be added as appropriate. 
  • Up to five (5) PCP Practice members (strong preference for practicing physicians serving   patients)
  • Up to five (5) PO (Physician Organization) representatives
  • The Regional Convener who will support the payers in coordination and
  • Up to three (3) subject matter experts or organizational representatives

Potential Steering Committee applicants will self-nominate or can be nominated for membership.  The Payer Leadership Council will review submitted nominations and select committee members with an aim toward ensuring participant representativeness and an array of experiences and capabilities to support project goals.  Guests will be invited as appropriate for select agenda items.  In addition, the Steering Committee may elect to convene subcommittees. 


The Steering Committee meets monthly except for January and July.  Each meeting lasts two hours.   The Committee has functioned remotely given the COVID-19 pandemic but envisions one or two in-person meetings per year when the PHE ceases.  Steering Committee members and are required to be present for a minimum of six meetings per year.   Members should provide notification in advance if they are unable to attend a meeting. 

 The Steering Committee will receive a draft agenda and meeting materials prior to the meeting for review and are expected to review the information in preparation for the meeting. 

Limits of Authority

The MMI Steering Committee will be an advisory group to the Payer Leadership Council. The group does not have decision authority, but they are expected to review and provide guidance as it pertains to key programs and initiatives.