Michigan Multipayer Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Vision and Strategy

As the CPC+ stakeholder community in Michigan, we adopt the following as our vision and strategy to support CPC+ success

Overall Multipayer CPC+ Michigan Vision:  To use the CMS CPC+ demonstration program as a nationally visible opportunity to:  1) Align commercial and governmental payer policies and approaches; 2) Support CPC+ participating practices, providers and physician organizations with tools, techniques and processes to transform the primary care delivery model; and 3) Achieve a common long-term multipayer approach to an ongoing and sustained advanced primary care in Michigan.

Strategic Pillars Supporting the Michigan CPC+ Multipayer Vision:  To achieve this vision, informed by the CPC+ Michigan stakeholder community, we will work together on strategic pillars selected to:

  • Be of interest to CPC+ practices, payers, POs and stakeholders at large;
  • Be finite and defined with incremental milestones so as to make them measurable
  • Contribute to high performance on CPC+ metrics and return on investment to payers; and
  • Support the sustainability of aligned multipayer primary care delivery and payment policy.

Four “vital few” pillars support fulfill these criteria and were seen as the most important in advancing CPC+ success and contributing to a strong population health-based system of care delivery as follows:

  1. Leadership, Payer Recruitment and Policy Advocacy  
  2. Multipayer Metric Alignment
  3. Actionable Multipayer Dashboards
  4. Development and Spread of Effective Care Interventions

The CPC Plus Michigan Vision and Milestones V.17-8-6-19 also includes time-bound milestones for goal realization across the four key areas.